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How to Solve Relationship Property Problems in New Zealand:


A Practical Guide


Garth Cameron, Barrister & Solicitor 


(56 pages - RainShadow Press 2015)


It explains:

  • What relationships are subject to the law of relationship property
  • That the cost of a property dispute is far more than the money spent on legal fees
  • How to access the law and other relevant resources
  • Why it helps to know the law and procedure but it is not a good idea to be your own lawyer
  • The relationship between the facts, the law and a good result
  • The negotiation process. How to assess the benefits and risks of choosing an option
  • The role of compromise in ending disputes
  • Litigation risk
  • The Family Court process

It includes:

  • Flow charts, which make it easier to understand the process of conflict resolution
  • Lists of internet resources
  • Lists of sources of law and practice
  • A glossary, which includes the definitions of key words used in the process of negotiation, litigation and settlement of relationship property disputes

There is a chapter on each topic. The chapters are designed be clear and uncluttered. References to the details of the law are keep separate so as not to distract you from the essentials. Each important word is defined in the glossary.

Print Edition $14.95 post free within New Zealand. PDF Edition $7.95 


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