I am keen on arranging a reunion of members of the Otago Gliding Club (Inc) and to talk to anyone who is interested in starting a new Dunedin based club.

I am keen to learn more about the history of the Otago Gliding Club (Inc) which operated from Taeri airfield and other sites in Otago from about 1960 to about 1990.

The club gliders did many hours gliding and trained pilots from the first solo, through to passenger ratings, instructor ratings & 'C', silver 'C' and even oneĀ gold 'C' badge. Many of the club trained pilots went on to own sailplanes and do higher badges.

The club closed in about 1990 because the Grob G109 motor glider did not earn its keep. There may have been accidents that resulted in prolonged periods of no flying and earning and/or engine troubles causing he same problem. The club paid off its debts and closed.

I am interested in anything you can tell me about club history.

I would like to scan any photographs anyone may have of club members and club owned and privately owned gliders.

Please email me if you would like to attend a reunion, at: