These are my suggestions for keeping your legal fees under control:

1. Seek legal advice as soon as you recognise that there is a problem.

 2. Before the first consultation with me, arrange all papers in chronological order and read them over. Define your problem and be able to explain it. Decide what you expect from the first consultation.

3. Ask me for a quote for the first consultation. If you want me to prepare for the meeting by reading over the papers ask for a quote that covers preparation and the consultation.

4. When you discuss your options ask me for a quote or an estimate of the cost of each option.

5. Review your options at each stage and decide which is the most cost-effective.

6. Recognise that there is nearly always more than one way to bring your case to an end.

7. Understand that circumstances often change as your case develops and that changed circumstances may need a change in tactics.

8. Fees are largely time-based. Time engaged can be reduced if you ask for action only when it is necessary.